Armenta Herald

Back in Black

Trending now - matte black. We've taken some of our best sellers and given them the ultimate blackout. Think contrast, think drama, think everyday fall essentials that pack quite the punch.

Think Pink
Empowering women together. We are proud to partner with The Previvor this October to help raise awareness and empower women to make their breast health decisions. Armenta will be donating back a portion of our proceeds directly to The Previvor and offering you 15% off selected styles for the month of October.
Celestial Inspired
Inspired by the stars and the moon, Emily looked up for inspiration this fall. Celestial motifs like moons and stars spark a sense of magic and joy, associating love, luck, and protection.
Ear Party Trend
Ears are taking center stage with zoom calls and above-the-neck-accessorizing. Dress and deck them out with studs, cuffs, subtle or statement earrings, elevating your everyday and online style.
Fall 2021 Trends You Need To Know
This fall is all about drama and contrast, with playful and unexpected pops of pearls, mixed metals, fringe and feathers. With earrings and necklaces taking the spotlight, we are excited to introduce a few new designs to help elevate your everyday and online look and style.
My Niece's Wedding in Austin, TX
A small peek inside a special weekend, hosting my niece's wedding at our home in Austin, Texas - full of family & friends celebrating this beautiful couple. We love you Suzanne and Sam!
Splash of Color

At Armenta, we believe in storytelling through jewelry. Tell your unique story, by wearing a color meaningful to you. We are excited to give you the opportunity to customize an Armenta piece with your favorite splash of color. Our Custom Color Bar is the perfect way to personalize your piece.

Complimentary Engraving
Add extra meaning to your Armenta piece.
We are proud to offer complimentary engraving to personalize your piece with a name, date, initials, or a phrase meaningful to you.
Old World Romance
Every woman has a story to tell, every unique diamond has a style of its own. Inspired by Old World beauty and architecture, Emily Armenta designed a collection of one-of-a-kind wedding rings to celebrate each unique bond of love or marriage.
Treasures New & Old
Our Artifact Collection is a remembrance of history, where we have come from and how we have evolved -  symbols of our ancestors before us, and a way to tie everyone back to the same roots. Wearing an artifact is like wearing a beautiful undiscovered treasure.
Meet Lida
The story of how fortune brought Emily and Lida together speaks volumes about the company's values, defining Emily's original dream for Armenta; bold against all odds, confident in recognizing unseen talent, and faithful in preserving the art of Old World craftsmanship.
Life Doesn't Frighten Me
We are clinging to the brilliant words of Maya Angelou, and daring vision of Jean-Michel Basquiat - two legendary black artists from very different worlds - in this short but impactful story, of courage, fearlessness, and the power of faith within ourselves.
Love Notes

Let's believe in love.

Let love indulge you, inspire you, strengthen and protect you - not just this weekend but all year long.

Empowered Women, Empower Women
It is the beauty of things, of places, of people, of ideas and embracing differences that drives Emily's passion for creating jewelry with meaning.  Through our jewelry, she believes that we have a voice and a platform to share our philosophy and dedication to being a positive force that empowers the condition of human life.