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Splash of Color

Splash of Color

At Armenta, we believe in storytelling through jewelry. Tell your unique story, by wearing a color meaningful to you. 
We are excited to give you the opportunity to customize an Armenta piece with your favorite splash of color. Our Custom Color Bar is the perfect way to personalize your piece.
There are several ways to incorporate color into your jewelry wardrobe. Our favorite is to pop colored stones into a classic stack.
Look how chainging up the color, quickly transforms the style.
Another idea is to add a colored stack band into your wedding stack - representing birthstones of those you love most.
Don't forget to dress your ears- every ear deserves a party.
Add a pop of color and personality to your #EarParty by layering on colored charms onto your earrings.

The easiest way to add style is through color. Take a look at our custom color bar below to pick the colors most meaningful to you. Choose based on color, the month - representing birthstone(s) or important date(s), or based off a meaning personal to you.

 You can also choose from our enamel colors. Don't forget we offer complimentary customization to ensure the right shade for you - matching as close to a specific color as you need. 


To see the ring and charm styles available and how to proceed with your custom color bar order click here.


We're so excited to offer this for the very first time to all of you. We cannot wait to see the color(s) you choose to splash into your stacks!


What color(s) would you choose?


Much love from Texas,

the Armenta Team

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