Why We Do What We Do


Emily Armenta established an environment dedicated to creating and preserving the rich heritage of handcrafted jewelry. It is the beauty of things, of places, of people, of ideas and embracing differences that drives Emily's passion for creating jewelry with meaning. Through our jewelry, she believes that we have a voice and a platform to share our philosophy and dedication to being a positive force that empowers the condition of human life.


At Armenta, we strongly believe in the idea that from struggle, one can discover a beauty and spirit that easiness and frivolity alone cannot create. The hands which have created Armenta pieces belong to people whose life journeys have been full of struggle and passion. We developed a school for women that come from disadvantaged circumstances, to educate and empower future generations of artisans. Our mission to be socially responsible extends farther than the walls of our company. We partner with vendors across the globe that share our dedication to empower and educate.


Emily hired Lida has her first employee, taught her everything she knew about jewelry making, and Lida is now one of the most skilled artisans she knows. Today, Lida is President of Production. The story of how fortune brought them together speaks volumes about the company's values. It also defines Emily's original dream for Armenta; bold against all odds, confident in recognizing unseen talent, and faithful in preserving the art of Old World craftsmanship.



"I not only choose the materials for our pieces based on my inspiration and the want to bring duende - the struggle between dark and light to life, but I choose based on our commitment to empower, educate, and be socially responsible. When you wear Armenta, you are not just wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, but making a positive local and global impact." -Emily Armenta