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Life Doesn't Frighten Me

Life Doesn't Frighten Me

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, we wanted to share the wise words and powerful art of two of the very best black artists of our time. We originally planned to share this with you earlier last week, however, Mother Nature had different plans. It's safe to say, especially after the week most of us Texans have had, that resilience and courage are exactly what we all need more of right now. 
Join us as we cling to the brilliant words of Maya Angelou, and daring vision of Jean-Michel Basquiat - two legendary black artists from very different worlds - in this short but impactful story, of courage, fearlessness, and the power of faith within ourselves.
The pairing of their work in this 25th Anniversary Edition children's book, Life Doesn't Frighten Me, (one of Emily's personal favorites to share with her own kids) creates a new story - a new story for each of us - inviting us all to pen our own stories, on our own terms.
Life Doesn't Frighten Me is about life experiences - perseverance and pride, finding oneself within one's own life story, the good and the bad, and everything that influences or affects us (our families, our culture, our everyday world) to constantly reinventing and supporting ourselves.
Because at the end of it all, it's about us, all of us - whoever we are, however we are categorized, whatever we look like, wherever we come from, whatever language(s) we may speak. This beautiful book addresses the universal things we all experience and encounter at different times on our own unique paths. In many ways, these are the "magic charms" that give us the hope and understanding to be us, together.
In Life Doesn't Frighten Me, Maya Angelou and Jean-Michel Basquiat, through their own individual work, tell a more impactful and powerful story together. Reminding us all that we each bring something special to the table - our own history, talents, and perspectives - made stronger once shared with each other. This is exactly what art and poetry should be; a bit of the creator, and a lot of us.
Together, let's experience and celebrate our own fearlessness.
So repeat after me: life doesn't frighten me at all.
Much love from Texas,
the Armenta Team
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  • Armenta

    We found this book on Amazon, however it’s sold at several other retailers. It’s the 25th Anniversary Edition featuring Basquiat.

  • Maria Firpi

    Where I can get the book with Basquiat illustrations?

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