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The Artist

Meet Emily Armenta



Building A Sustainable Future in Fashion

Emily's Story

A Family of Traveler's and Story- Tellers

Family History

Coming from a lineage of immigrants and entrepreneurs, the ethos instilled in me from an early age was clear: to live a life of purpose and meaning. Rooted in the belief that every endeavor should tell a profound story and be executed with absolute dedication, my family's heritage laid the foundation for my journey ahead.

My Grandparents

Family Lineage

My Parents

Family Lineage

An Unconventional Start

My Youth

Born with challenges that hindered both my physical and neurological abilities, I faced skepticism about my potential from an early age. Despite these doubts, I remained resolute in my determination to defy expectations and carve out my own path, driven by an unwavering belief in my abilities.

Style With Purpose Make Your Mark

Core Values

From a tender age, I held steadfast to the notion that our choices resonate far beyond ourselves, shaping the lives of many. Believing in the transformative power of authenticity, I recognized that living true to oneself leaves an indelible mark on the world. It became clear to me early on that this mission was not just a pursuit, but an intrinsic part of who I was meant to be.

Gifts of Relic's and Gems

My Appreciation For Jewelry

Gifted gems from my father's international travels, I was drawn to their stories, inspiring me to transform them into wearable history. This fusion of craftsmanship and giving the past new life sparked my enduring passion for jewelry design.

A Mother's Tale

Words of Encouragement from My Mom

My Mother once wrote to me in a letter, "Baby dream big. Your only limitation is your imagination."

The Start of a Love Affair

My Muse

I’m often inspired by the juxtaposition and stories found in old architecture, art and pottery. The beautiful, contrasting features inspire me and you can see this quality of a rugged yet refined vein woven throughout all of our collections.

Education and Expertise


Having earned my master's degree at Rice University, I embarked on a journey that combined academic rigor with practical business acumen, culminating in an MBA.

Armenta Jewelry Was Born

Our Start

What began as a humble class project blossomed into a successful enterprise through unwavering dedication and relentless hard work. Our journey from classroom concept to thriving business stands as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance.

Refining Craftsmanship

Rugged and Refined

I learned the art of traditional hand craftsmanship firsthand, and preserving it became my steadfast dedication throughout my journey in jewelry making.

Meet Lida

A Powerful Partnership

I first encountered Lida in the hotel hallway, drawn by her captivating whistle. At a pivotal moment, I extended an offer for her to join me, promising to impart all I knew. Little did I realize the profound impact this partnership would have, forever altering Lida's life trajectory and my own.

From Shoebox to Studio

A New Location

We quickly outgrew the facilities we started in, it was time to transition to a new location.

Scaling Up

Growth and Change

As our journey progressed, our partnerships with national retailers and independent accounts internationally flourished, catapulting our products from the local Houston community to the runways and Hollywood stages.

A Difference You Can Feel

A Unique Product

My commitment has been unwavering: to deliver a consistently luxurious product that exudes uncompromising quality and a distinct, authentic aesthetic.

My Support System

May 25, 2015

More Words of Encouragement

The Start of the Armenta Family

May 25, 2015

Family History

Celebrated the end of University with family and friends, and received my bachelor's degree.

The Start of My Family

My Children Were Born

The birth of my children marked a profound turning point, injecting my life and work with a newfound wellspring of inspiration.

The Importance of Sustainability


Sustainability is paramount to us, driving investments in eco-friendly practices like biodegradable packaging and textile and glassware collection initiatives.

The Armenta Army

A Community of Change

Inspired by my grandfather's military service, we founded the "Armenta Army," rallying our community around sustainable living and positive change.

Our Unique Position

May 25, 2015

Creating Positive Change

Through our sustainability and social responsibility efforts, we're actively driving positive change by championing eco-conscious practices and fair labor standards, aiming to inspire a global shift towards ethical consumption and a more equitable future.

Zero-Waste Manufacturing


In our zero-waste manufacturing and refining process, every effort is made to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency. By collecting metal fragments for refinement and sourcing recycled materials, we ensure sustainable practices without compromising on quality or craftsmanship.

And We're Still Growing

The Next Step

Even after 23 years, our story continues to unfold, enriched by each chapter of growth, innovation, and enduring passion.

"Crafting Armenta is a transformative journey, an exquisite fusion of past, present, and future, where the savage beauty of raw stones meets the refined elegance of sophisticated vintage style, stirring emotions and telling stories of love's eternal dance in the realm of timeless beauty."

– Emily Armenta